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The philosophical notion of a "sense of place," unexplained "place experiences" linked psychologically to the footsteps and the spirit of The Clash, underpins this pictorial and informative journey...


The British Punk movement was initiated by the Sex Pistols..........and on December 1st 1976........the Thames T.V.'s tea-time programme Today show gave them more notoriety....and Punk rock became the 20th century's second great youth rebellion after rock'n'roll

(430   kings   road   england   1971-1979)



Clash In New York


Clash In The Toilet


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 Early Influences*** Joe Strummer & The 101'ers / May 1974  / Early gigs  / The Awakening
 Last Gang In Town / Looking for a home  / A Riot of Our Own 
 The Clash CD / Give 'Em Enough Rope  / London Calling  / Sandinista! / Combat Rock   
 Rude Boy / This is video  / Westway  / Uncut  / Paul Simonon's Studio / Joe Strummer The Inestimable*****













The Clash Map of London  / The Last Night London Burned  / Caerphilly  
Joe Ely...remembers  / 1963 Ford  / Watering Holes  / Chris Salewicz Book Launch 
Joe stole my mic!  / South Park  / Upstairs Rehearsals  / Vanilla Tapes  / Terry Chimes 
Reunion / Camden Fire 2008 / Funeral / Glastonbury / London Marathon**** / Paris Marathon /
Paris Calling / Paul Simonon Art / WOT NO BIKE / The Baker / I Need A Dodge!





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Mick Jones - Talks about The Clash, Sex Pistols, American Culture & more ...




The following pages unfold from my time at school with Mick Joe's year in Newport to his early years in the 101'ers and the musical influence of The Clash.......


" I am merely a spirit in a body,

Who is made a body and then will depart this body." Joe Strummer 2002


Dear Mr. Whistance,
I wonder if you could please help me with a Clash location question?
I'm going to London in a few weeks and am intending to check out quite a few Clash places (mainly courtesy of the information on your excellent website!), however I'm stuck for a couple which I'd love to visit but can't find anything about online; The riot scene on the rear of the first album, and the street on the front of Black Market Clash. I'm assuming they're somewhere in the vicinity of Ladbroke Grove?
If you could help out it would be really appreciated, and be the icing on the cake for my trip!

Again, thank you in advance if you can help out with the street locations,

Very best wishes,


Hello Don,
That sounds like a good idea and will add the link. I have been on your site before but it is so extensive that I have not found the time to go through it all. It must have taken you a long time to put together and no doubt was a labour of love. I wonder why you never put it in a book.... But then so many people have wondered the same about myself. For me, it is very complicated and involves out-dated human delusions such as 'loyalty' 'integrity' 'sell-out'....
Maybe we could collaborate on a post - just a few juicy titbits from schooldays? It would help promote both our sites.
Cheers, The Baker (29.12.13)  The Baker - 15 minutes outside of Philadelpia



I enjoyed your web sites! I have always been a big fan of Steve McQueen and the Great Escape and of the Clash!
Being a freelance photographer for NME and Rolling Stone magazines, I always documented the British Bands performing in San Francisco.
And I always enjoyed hanging out and photographing the Clash.
British NME writers Adrian Thrills and Barney Hoskyns stayed at my apartment in SF and we worked on articles for NME.
Keep up the good work and I enjoyed reading about Joe.
Thanks for turning me on to your sites!
Chester Simpson



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(Anne Franks exhibition alleyway, Berlin)












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