The 101'ers Reunion

There will be a Joe Strummer tribute show at The Tabernacle located in the Powis Square, West London on Sunday, April 20th from 8-11 pm. The 101ers will re-form along with Tymon Dogg, Wilko Johnson and other special guests for a one-off reunion gig.

 Tickets can be purchased from 020 7229 8541.

Just down from Talbot road is The Tabernacle in Powis Square, W11
Strummer formed the 101ers in 1974, reportedly named after the squat where they lived at 101 Walterton Road, Maida Vale, London. They became well-known on the local punk scene but Strummer left to form The Clash two years later.
Joe Strummer's first band reunited for a tribute concert to remember the punk legend on Sunday, 20th April 2003.The 101ers played for the first time since splitting in 1976, more than 25 years ago, to launch the Strummerville charity, set up after the former Clash star died, by his family to help struggling rock 'n' roll musicians.
Banner by the artist......D'Jago.
Over 400 people packed into the Tabernacle Arts Centre in Notting Hill, West London.
The Clash cover band at the outset, with Vic Goddard of Subway Sect on vocals, played a tight set of Clash songs with the bespectacled front man making reference to a sheet of paper throughout the set !!

 Wilko Johnson, one of Strummer's early inspirations, was the guitarist and main songwriter with the legendary pub-rockers, Dr Feelgood, best known for the song "Milk and Alcohol". They were both very much a part of the pub rock circuit in Greater London in 1974-76. Wilko Johnson is originally from Essex and was a good friend with Ian Dury and members of the Blockheads.

Norman the bass player was energetically superb...........
ROCKABILLY SLIM was actually in a rockabilly band called the 'Blubbery Hillbillies'.
Tymon Dogg, who was in Strummer's last band, the Mescaleros performed a number of songs notably : "Indestructible," "Lose this skin" and "Mondo Bongo"
Actor Keith Allen took to the stage and read aloud the lyrics to a song Strummer wrote with U2 star Bono about Nelson Mandela called 48864.


The 101'ers drummer Richard 'Snakehips' Dudanski, who organised the event, felt that it wasn't a sombre atmosphere   how could it be with rock 'n' roll, hoped to release an album of their material in the near future.

   An American named Tom Lardner (rhythm/acoustic), now living near Granada, Spain and a neighbour and friend of Richard Dudanski, fronted the 101'ers with the lead vocals for most of a 16-song set performing among others " I'm so bored with the USA," "Letsagetabitarockin,"  "Rabies (from the Dogs of Love)" and "Surf City".

Clive "The Evil C" Timperley, lead guitar, joined The 101'ers in 15th January,1975 & left the band in May, 1976.
'Desperate' Dan Kelleher on Bass officially joined the 101'ers in October, 1975.

Former Clash guitarist Mick Jones joined the 101ers on stage in the middle of "Janie Jones" and stayed for "Keys to Your Heart" and "Gloria" and the impromptu "White Riot".

The tribute show culminated with Simon "Big John" Cassell appearing from the side of the stage to lead the audience through "Gloria".
Keith Allen seized the centre-stage microphone to announce that a member of the audience would emerge at random to lead us in " White Riot ", with the promise to the hall's hard-pressed staff that everyone would leave the venue in another 20 minutes........
The 101'ers set list :

Rabies (from the dogs of love)
Motor Boys Motor
Sweet Revenge
I'm So Bored with theUSA (Jem Finer - Pogues, on Banjo)
Don't Let Go (Bo Diddley)  (Jem Finer - Pogues, on Banjo)
5 Star R'n'R
Sweety of the St Moritz
Surf City
London Calling
Maybelline (Chuck Berry)
Janie Jones (Mick joined the 101'ers and stayed till the end)
Keys To Your Heart
Junco Partner (James Wayne) - Jem joined the 101'ers again till the end
Gloria (Them) (Simon "Big John" Cassell sang, Derek Goddard on congas)
White Riot


Richard Dudanski, who lives in Granada, Spain with his wife Esperanza...... is organising the Granada Tribute gig on the 20th August, 2003, starting at 10pm.

It will be held in the open air at the "Centro de Interpretación" Sacromonte, the old gypsy quarter of the city of Granada. 
Tymon Dogg, Jem Finer, Mick Jones, Dudanski, Julian Hernandez (Bass), plus local groups and musicians including Lagartija Nick and other friends of Joe from Granada.

It is believed the great Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca "Spanish Bombs" was cowardly killed and buried here on August, 19th 1936 by Franco's troops.
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