UNCUT magazine.....January 1998 -page 30


 "I read with interest your article on The Clash's first tour of America in 1979, especially since I attended Strand Grammar School in Brixton with Mick Jones between 1966 and 1971.

I got to know him during our fifth and Lower-sixth year days. He used to stand out at school because of his shoulder-length hair and Marc Bolan appearance.

 He was small for his age, friendly and with a kind and warm character. He always seemed to be carrying LPs around school, and often spoke about the bands he was interested in, notably T-Rex.

I can remember sitting beside him, along with the classroom clown, during a very formal prize-giving presentation in the school hall. Unfortunately, we all got the giggles and ended up receiving six of the best from our Dickensian headmaster, Mr Cox.

 The article brought back memories for me, and highlighted how life can open up to us all when we leave school and pursue our goals, no matter how daunting they may appear.

Since The Clash and Audio Dynamite days, I've often wondered where Mick Jones is today."


Don Whistance, Weymouth, Dorset.

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