"Keys To Your Heart" was mixed in Chalk Farm studios at 1A Belmont Street, just off the Chalk Farm Road, Camden on the 24th and 25th March 1976 (opposite the Roundhouse).



In time the 101'ers released an album called, Elgin Avenue Breakdown.....March 1981.




    The Sex Pistols appeared as the support band to the 101'ers at the Nashville Room on the 3rd April 1976.Joe's frenzied performance at the Nashville had been noted by Mick, Paul, Keith Levene and Bernie Rhodes who were in the audience that evening.




As soon as Joe saw the Sex Pistols, he knew that he would have to change his musical direction.






 Mick and Paul next encountered Joe at the Employment Exchange in Lisson Grove and later in Golborne Road where Mick told Joe :  

    " You're great but your group is shit."

Nos 26-46, Department of Unemployment - Edgware Road Underground Station.

Where Joe Strummer used to sign on before he began to earn a crust with The Clash. At one point, the Department tried to send him to a rehabilitation course as they felt his morale had been destroyed by being unemployed for so long. At least the experience provided him with the subject matter for songs like 'Career Opportunities' and '1977'

 'In 1977 I hope I go to heaven/ 'Cos I been too long on the dole.'



" Hanging about down the market street I spent a lot of time on my feet. When I saw some passing yabbos. We did chance to speak. I knew how to sing y'know and they knew how to pose. An' one of them had a Les Paul heart attack machine. "






       The first informal approach to Joe Strummer from Bernie Rhodes was made at the Sex Pistols' 25th May 100 Club gig in Oxford Street, London.





Bernie went along to the 101'ers next gig, on 30th May 1976, at the Golden Lion pub in Fulham Road.



            After the show, Bernie apparently met Joe by the bus stop. Bernie told him he was putting together a new band to rival the Sex  Pistols, and asked Joe if he wanted in. He was given 48 hours to make up his mind.


   Bernie and Keith collected Joe and took him to 22 Davis Road, where Mick and Paul were waiting to meet their new band mate.



The 101'ers performed at The Golden Lion on 30th May, 1976.



Havana saloon & restaurant is sited at 490-492, Fulham Road just off Fulham Broadway with the bus stop to the right of the building.



       During this time, Joe was squatting at Robertino's Ice Cream Co., 7-9,Foscote Mews, just off the Harrow Road, close to Wilmcote House (Warwick Avenue underground).    

It is where Joe Strummer lost his mementos of the 101'ers. 'I lost all me stuff at the ice cream factory, just underneath Mick's towerblock, where I lived. Some guy went and threw it on the skip. Everything....even my suit...still in its paper from the dry cleaners.'           

Hate And War  was written by Joe Strummer in this small disused ice cream factory.




Foscote Mews is now a street of modern flats with garage space.


The final 101'ers gig was on 5th June 1976 at The Clare Halls, Haywards Heath, Sussex.


During June 1976, Joe began rehearsing with his new band at Rehearsal Rehearsals.


 Joe took a spare room at Sebastian Conran's house near Regent's Park, 31 Albany Street.


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