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  " Rude Boy, starring Ray Grange & The Clash features live concert performances of

        The Clash from 1978, including offstage and informal performance footage."
By the start of 1979, the Clash group had been shrunk down to a small group of trusted friends. Closest to the band were roadies Johnny Green and the Baker, who had played sizeable roles in the film Rude Boy..
 After an Anti-Nazi League march from Trafalgar Square on 30th April, 1978, the Clash played to 80,000 fans.

                The Anti-Nazi League rally at Victoria Park, London was the venue (A Riot of Our Own,pp.63-68) and the beginning of the filming of Rude Boy.

Credit: Marie Fotini...







Rude Boy was made by Buzzy Enterprises Limited : 35, Marshall Street, London.



" Whenever I was in the West End I called at...35,Marshall Street offices and asked to see the rushes."

(A Riot of Our Own, p.153)


35, Marshall Street is now a shop known as CONCRETE.

   Except for the Lyceum gigs, The Clash aren't live on the film at all, stated Johnny Green. Totally artificial. The backing tracks were done at Wessex Studios.

(A Riot of Our Own,pp.153-154)

Air Studios, Oxford Street (off Oxford Circus) was used to dub over the poor sound quality of the live sets.     

(A Riot of Our Own, p.153)


The Clash set up as if for a live show in Wessex studios, 106A Highbury New Park, Highbury, and, with the earlier live footage running on large TV screens in front of them, play and sing along in sync while engineer Bill Price & tape operator Jerry Green re-recorded the soundtrack. The crowd noise was then dubbed back on.


Features the songs :  


 1 Police and Thieves : Performed at Barbarella's, Birmingham on 1st May, 1978.

 2 Garageland:


Performed at Black Hole Studio in 181, Long Lane SE 1

The BLACK HOLE studio has now been replaced by modern buildings.



 3 London Burning    : Performed at Open Air Carnival, Victoria Park, London.

   White Riot                                                                    


4 White Man In Hammersmith Palais 

Performed at the Apollo, Glasgow.


   I'm So Bored With The USA

   Janie Jones  

   White Riot


     Drury Lane Theatre, London was hired to re-create the scenes of Glasgow bouncers beating up Clash fans.

" I earned myself free entry to Dingwalls for life by hiring its entire complement of bouncers for the shots."

(A Riot of Our Own, p.151)

 5 The Prisoner       :  Performed at the Civic Hall, Aberdeen.

 6 Tommy Gun         : Performed at Cinema, Dunfermline.

 7 All the Young Punks :          

   Stay Free



(Performed at Recording Studio)

 8 Complete Control    

  Safe European Home

  What's My Name

  Performed at the Music Machine, Camden, London on 27th July,1978.

 9 No Reason          : 

Performed at BASE Rehearsal Studio 75-81 Tooley Street, SE 1

(Studio replaced by modern buildings).



10 I Fought the Law: The Lyceum, West End, London on the 28th December 1978

                      was where the last piece of filming took place which included

 Sonny Curtis's song : 

" I Fought the Law

(A Riot of Our Own p.149-150)

Chris Salewicz "Redemption Song" believes '...the 3rd January concert was filmed for Rude Boy.' (p.246)







   The Clash dressed all in black for the gig and played 'I Fought The Law ', which at that stage was being considered as the film's title song.

Sort it out Tour : The Lyceum, Wellington Street, Strand - Thurs 28th, Fri. 29th December 1978 and 3rd January 1979 (p.246 Redemption Song by Chris Salewicz).



Rude Boy was made an official British entry for the Berlin Film Festival in February 1980 and released in the UK the following month..

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