Anticipating eviction from 101 Walterton Road, Joe moved in early May 1975 a few hundred yards south to 36 St Luke's Road.



By February 1975, the 101'ers were beginning to improve their musical performances.




On the 25th May 1975, the 101'ers were offered a weekly residency at The Elgin pub on Ladbroke Grove which led to a nine month stay. The bands first write-ups was by a young Melody Maker journalist, Allan Jones in a July 1975 feature.







           The 101'ers played their last gig at The Elgin on 8th January 1976,and their residency there officially terminated because of complaints of noise pollution.






Joe Strummer, Mole bass, Derek Goddard drums. Richard Dudanski standing in the background...


(Joe and Daniel Kelleher)



The first of several occasional gigs by the 101'ers took place at the Windsor Castle pub on the Harrow Road.    


(Gig dates : 1/7/75, 3/10/75, 10/10/75)




          Other gigs were in the heart of Soho at the St.Moritz club, 159 Wardour Street during the months of June(18th), July and August 1975.




   Another was a gig Upstairs at Ronnie Scott's, the small room at Frith Street's famous London jazz club on the 8th July, 1975.





       In August, they played at the Nashville Room, 171 North End Road, (Adj. West Kensington Tube) which lead into a brief residency. A long-time favourite pub rock venue which, come 3rd and 23rd April 1976, embraced punk with lively gigs by the infamous Sex Pistols.

Now Known As The F3K.



    Several occasional gigs were based at Dingwalls, located at Camden Town Lock.



 (Gig dates : 4/10/75, 1/11/75, 14/11/75, 7/1/76, 26/1/76)


Pictured in 1975, as front man for The 101ers


A  101ers 1976 Poster



           Other gigs were based at The Red Cow,

 157 Hammersmith Road.

 (Gig dates : 8/11/75, 15/11/75, 29/11/75, 7/12/75, 11/1/76, 18/1/76, 12/5/76)





The 101'ers, early 1976, Joe Strummer in suit and with Telecaster with Richard Dudanski on drums.


Selmer Amp owned by 101'ers Mole, who was sacked, was sold on eBay dated 24.4.09







The Speakeasy.



The 101'ers appeared at The Speakeasy, Margaret Street, W.1. on 20/11/75, 19/1/76 and 11/2/76.




                On 25 October, the 101'ers played the Roundhouse in Camden Town for the first time as part of the traditional extended Sunday bill.




          By October 1975, life at 36 St. Luke's Road had become unbearable. Just over half a mile to the east they found an empty house at 42 Orsett Terrace.

Jules Yewdall and Micky Foote had 'opened' a new squat at 42 Orsett Terrace, a road of tall, well-appointed terraced houses with stone staircases near Royal Oak tube station.


Paul and Sid Vicious joined Joe Strummer in the Orsett Terrace squat.



               London's Burning was actually written in the back room, at the very top of the squat at 42, Orsett Terrace.





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